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Complete Data Analyst Training: Python, NumPy, Pandas, Data Collection, Preprocessing, Data Types, Data Visualization

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r/datascience • comment
1 points • JavaScript_Padawan

What is the difference between a data analyst and data scientist? Specifically, I want to know what a data scientist does that is not included in this ‘Data Analyst Bootcamp’ curriculum:

r/AusFinance • comment
1 points • sqlroadie

Understood that you want an office job due to your personal circumstances. My 2 cents is to focus on finding a role where you can apply your core learnings. I say this because while typically data analysts/engineers/scientists could come from a variety of non-technical backgrounds, your deep expertise in your field of study would likely go wasted or not utilised.

An alternative would be to find a data analyst role in a healthcare setting, ideally say in physio. Here is a role I found on LinkedIn.

If you are going down this path, there is so much to learn. If you are a good learner, you can acquire decent skills in 2 years and be competent in 2-4 years. It takes a decade to become a master at your area of work. It seems you have a natural curiosity, and you might have covered some topics in uni. Try doing a MOOC. Some of these courses offer better value than many masters degrees. This is a decent one.

For simplicity's sake, you need to get proficient at SQL and Python.

Also, a parting advice - most "data scientists" out there are not really data scientists. They are data analysts or ML engineers at best. The title has been the most abused one in the last decade. A scientist is someone who has spent significant amount of time (ordinarily at least 10 years) learning and researching a topic. Focus on learning, not designations.

PS: I am a data engineering manager, with 15 years of industry experience.

r/NAU • comment
1 points • dalmighd


This is the one I am using to learn over the summer. As someone else said, NAU offers like unlimited Udemy courses. It's for data analytics but may not be the right one for you. Check it out :)