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The ProblemData scientist is one of the best suited professions to thrive this century.

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r/learnprogramming • post
2 points • akhilchow
Help for getting into Data Science

Little bit about me:

I am studying 4th year of my bachelor's in CS. As you can imagine I am good and understanding code and spent some in coding. Although I not great at coding on my own, I can use google to solve most problems. I have been interested in data for a long time now, and I have decided to do masters in Data Science after my bachelor's.

So I would love if you guys recommend beginner data science courses with actual math. I've heard that math is essential for data science. Most of the course expect you to have understanding of maths or quickly brush them of. I am not poor at math neither good at it. I can do statistics pretty well. But, calculus is an area I struggle a lot. I have searched in udemy and found this course:

Do you think this course would be a good starting point?If have a better course please suggest it!

I will have a lot of time in coming months, I would like to be well acquainted to data science before starting my masters program, which would be in fall 2020.

r/argentina • comment
1 points • toqpo

Alguien sabe qué tal es este curso ? Estoy con ganas de hacerlo pero quería escuchar alguna critica antes..

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • savagegrif

Worth noting they have a Udemy course, but I'm not sure how it differs.

r/learnpython • comment
1 points • I_code_errors
r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • Turkino

Thanks mate! Yeah all of my studies are online. Was going to go to a bootcamp but they ended up cancelling the fall term and I don't have time to sit on my hands till a spring term starts up. (I only consider it an extra advantage in networking anyway.)

I signed up for this course on Udemy And while I've found udemy to be pretty hit or miss this one seems very high quality with a lot of focus on the background math. So I spend my days learning React and my nights doing this.

I figure at the least it'll help me with putting together analytics for my wifes business which I can use for my portfolio later on.

I'll check out the courseria thing, I'm no stranger to Python since I started learning programing with that language before deep diving into modern JS

r/datascience • comment
1 points • Proioxis4

Hi, I'm new to this, I've seen a few videos on the topic and got really interested in the whole data science field.

I'm currently studying as Computer Engineer and for some reason I got really freaked out about the thought of "wasting time" lately. Since I've been really hooked up by this data science thing I looked up for online courses and found this one: . Since It was on sale i decided to buy it-..

Now, is it a good course? Is it wise to learn from this couse and will it get me a good certification that eventually will make the difference?

r/learnpython • comment
1 points • VitalYin

>e span of things I want to learn about data science. Trying to speed through this m

Ah I see that doesn't sound like a bad investment. I picked up this course for $10 cause udemy has them all the time XD. Which has taught me a lot plus using Coursera Financial Aid got some courses in that way too. I still have a lot left to learn but I am getting there. Checkout other mooc courses before subing for another month lots of good stuff out there.

r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • odidiman

^(1)The Data Science Course I'm taking:

I made this into a comment since it could be seen as promotion.

r/datascience • comment
1 points • Mr-Eisen

I’ve been looking for some DS/BI courses and I found these ones, I need suggestions, which course would be more useful for me. As background I'm a last semester student of Industrial Engineering, I did my internship in consultancy, and there I saw that they used some tableau for data visualization, but I never had the chance to learn. But I've been reading and watching some YouTube videos, and data science is a good complement and are often necessary to do the data visualization. So I want to learn, but I don't know what course would be better for me.

Considering that I'd like to work in consultancy, BI or DS, and possibly try some freelancing while I try to land a job, any suggestion of courses or YouTube tutorial will be well received, thanks.

SQL-Python-Tableau Integration

Data Science Bootcamp

r/YouShouldKnow • comment
1 points • guineawheat

This ^ is the one I've completed so far, Jose is a good instructor who explained things in a way that clicked with how I learn very well. I hope to take more of his classes some time.

The BI one I'm working through is related to QlikSense, so you'd have to be using that particular BI tool to care about it.

I've started this one: and so far it's good, but the voice over is... let's just say I cant always tell if it's a robot or an actual human with weird inflection (or maybe just bad editing). But it seems comprehensive (I do it on my down time at work so I'm not super far in it) and I hope it teaches me something useful.

r/datascience • comment
1 points • McNoxey

I'm really dumb and linked the wrong one twice. Do you know of this course at all? This is the one I meant to compare to the Jose Portilla course.

r/datascience • comment
0 points • hoy_minoyy

If by personal growth you mean developing a deeper understanding of the subject then there are free coursera courses as well as some relatively cheap Udemy courses that teach you the fundamentals with little math background required. I recommend Udemys 365 Data Science Bootcamp to start.

r/chile • comment
1 points • ikkjemeg

Depende un poco. Para ser data scientist necesitas ser fuerte en programación en distintos lenguajes, matemáticas, estadística, y quizás en alguna otra área específica como economía, finanzas, u otras ciencias sociales, etc.

En estos días es posible estudiar bachelors y Masters en data science, aunque si ya tienes los conocimientos de base podrías simplemente tomar unos cursos también, todo depende de la persona en particular.

Universidades de EEUU y Europa ofrecen estudios completos de data science, peor en Chile no se si eso exista aún.

Algunos de ejemplos: