The Ultimate Digital Painting Course - Beginner to Advanced

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Everything from drawing fundamentals to professional painting techniques

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Taught by
Jaysen Batchelor


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r/rupaulsdragrace • comment
26 points • conspiracie

Ok so here are a couple of things I have used and some tips:

  • Simple Art Tips is my go-to site for explaining drawing concepts to beginners. This is the concept that made the biggest change in my drawing ability when I first grasped it. I think learning how to break things down into shapes will be what helps you feel like you could draw things from any angle.
  • DO NOT feel bad/guilty/"cheating" for using references! Everyone uses references, even professional illustrators!! There is no reason you should have to try to imagine how to draw, say, a hand from some particular angle without finding a reference picture of that angle or taking a picture of your own hand. this is a good article on how to use references. (There's other good stuff on that site too, I haven't read much of it though)
  • I think learning how to draw on paper before moving to digital art is critical, but that's just what I did. I actually only started doing digital this year.
  • This course is the only learning resource I bought (on sale) (besides some drawing books my parents gave me when I was like 11). I never finished the whole thing but the first few lessons helped me transition from drawing on paper to digital drawing.
  • I really like Alicja Nai's videos
  • Great videos on shading and drawing skin
  • I like her tutorials a lot too

r/Charleston • comment
2 points • ninjabrer

I do not know of anything local, but I have personally used Udemy. I think will be great start, and their classes go on sale for $10 pretty regularly (next sale should probably be right after Christmas/new years.)

Picked up this class ( to really start practicing on the Intuous Pro. They have 2 Facebook groups you can join to post your art and receive feel goods and good, constructive feedback.

r/DigitalPainting • comment
2 points • Uraisamu

r/DigitalPainting • comment
1 points • Mertle_Edmonds_

It's a paid course on udemy, here you go!

r/KGBTR • comment
1 points • AtafAtakan

Udemyde şöyle bi kurs var baya etkili 30 tlyi gözden çıkartırsan çok büyük katkısı olur çizerler öğretecekleri şeyin para edeceğini bildiği için genelde bedavaya bulamazsın.

The Ultimate Digital Painting Course - Beginner to Advanced | Udemy

Ayrıca kursta brush ları nasıl kullanıldıklarını photoshop için hotkeyleri falan baya proca anlatmışlar

r/Cyberpunk • comment
1 points • Penderyn

This is fab. I really like the perspective.

My new years resolution is to learn digital drawing in order to eventually draw cool sci fi scenes.

I was thinking about this course on Udemy to start with - any other tips?

r/krita • comment
1 points • TharbeWhaleshere

The course is on Udemy called the ultimate digital painting course - beginner to advanced by Jaysen and Austin Batchelor.

r/DigitalArtTutorials • comment
1 points • viemanley

Here's the one I've been using. They move fast and I'm a beginner to drawing and digital art, but I just redo an assignment a few times if I'm struggling.

r/DigitalArt • comment
1 points • Shauxbox

Hey everyone, I am taking this course on Udemy and I was able to paint the human eye. I am looking for any type of feedback and especially some constructive criticism, so I can get better. Thanks! :)

r/ProCreate • comment
1 points • Jags2000

The tutorial followed was on Udemy called The ultimate digital painting course by Jaysen Batchelor, Austin Batchelor

r/graphic_art • comment
1 points • Saria90

This is from a coloring assignment from the Udemy course "The Ultimate Digital Painting Course - Beginner to Advanced". It reminds me of a modern illustration take on vintage horror movie posters.
Anyone an idea what to google to find more like this?

r/ProCreate • comment
1 points • LordBurgerz

They’re doing the course together! I think it’s under Jaysen’s account, though. They take turns doing each lesson. Boom

Make sure to use the code ‘YTDISCOUNT’. Originally $195 USD, but the discount brings it to $15 USD

r/XPpen • comment
1 points • mjmbult

I am following this course. Helped me a lot and might help you aswell:

r/CasualConversation • comment
1 points • Nuccipuff

Right now I'm drawing mountain landscapes because I miss the mountains. But in the drawing course I'm working on creating value with shading. Its... kicking my butt.

r/DigitalArt • comment
1 points • AlElSt

I really liked this course. It teaches both using the tablet, and the software. You can almost always get it at a discount for less than $15.

r/DigitalPainting • post
6 points • Hieicker
Question on how to proceed in the learning path

Hi guys, newbie on digital painting and drawing here. I read many topics related to the subject, and i got many useful informations thanks to Reddit. Actually i have a cheap but good drawing tablet (Huion new 1060 plus), and i'm approching this new great hobby.

I have many doubts on how i should approach it, considering i'm in love for digital landscapes, and that's what i would like to specifically learn and paint.

Actually i started following a course on Udemy for Krita software, and i'm founding it extremely helpful. Is good to take confidence with the main tool to use and i'm enjoying it. I will finish this course in one week and i have to decide what's the next step.

My idea is to take this course , because i read the content and to me seems very interesting for who is approaching digital painting, considering also the price that for my point of view is very good (less that 15$).

I'm thinking to follows also the famous lessons, drawing always with drawing tablet.

I think this can be a good start path to follow, but sometime i feel lost and i would like some suggestions on what i should focus and give more importance, always related about landscape digital paintings. For example i feel i'm not interested to learn how to draw human figure for now.

What i should learn in order to create beautiful and colorful digital landscapes? Lines, shapes, perspective, composition, color theory?

Any suggestion is appreciated :).

Thanks to everyone will help a little.

r/ArtProgressPics • comment
3 points • Andiazzz

Well, I can give a few pointers on what helped for me at least.

- If you are a complete beginner, start reading and doing the exercises from the book called "Drawing on the right side of the brain".

- Just draw! It sounds so simple but this is the very basis. Try to draw some study from references (life/photos/both) every day. Missing a day here and there is OK but try building a habit. And small sessions is infinitely better than nothing. And start with easy subjects (rocks, old trees etc). This video explains it better than I can:

- Check your tablet settings. This might be a personal thing but I struggled a lot with blurry and messy paintings for a long time (up until recently!). This was fixed by increasing my tablet pen sensitivity and blocking out values / shapes first (see next point I've written). Honestly this improved my quality A LOT.

- Focus on bigger shapes and values first. Starting by using a hard round bush with no pressure sensitivity and block out the "local values" first. Essentially I start by blocking in base values (by squinting when looking at the subject), and then do details. This series is a great watch:

- Take some courses to boost your digital painting skills. For me I'm slowly working through a digital painting course at Udemy that made me realize I needed to step back and do more "value studies" / greyscale paintings. So that's what I am doing now :) Here's the course I'm taking: (sometimes goes for 9.99 or 19.99, Udemy has discounts all the time).

r/Aarhus • comment
1 points • razgondk

Sæt tre timer af hver dag til det, du altid lidt har drømt om at kunne/gøre, men aldrig kommet i gang med. Sæt specifik tid på (Fra 09.00 til 12.00 hver dag i hverdagene) skal jeg

- Lære at tegne

- Lære at spille guitar

- Lære et nyt sprog du altid har synes lød interessant

- lære at programmere

- Komme i gang med at løbe

- Skrive breve til pennevenner

- Gennemføre det computerspil du altid har drømt om

OSV - De fleste af os har ting vi ofte siger "det gad jeg godt", men vi gør det sjældent.

Hvis du nu har tiden til det, er det oplagt at komme igang!

(Personligt gik jeg igang med dette Udemy kursus )

God fornøjelse med ferien!

r/outrun • comment
2 points • ArucardPL

I actually don't use too many different brushes. Mainly just a "Rusty Nib" for inking ( ) and the "Beat Tones" for texture ( ). I think they also have them available for Procreate. Anyways, as I said, I don't rely too much on fancy brushes, so I'm not exactly the best person to recommend anything here.

Youtube has many great tutorials but isn't best if you want to learn stuff on a "step by step" basis. For that, I recommend finding a course on UDEMY that's closest to your needs. I recently started a Digital Paiting one ( and it's been going smooth. The guys are very thorough in explaining stuff and even my friend, who's a digital art beginner, was able to get into it quickly. And there's plenty of brush packs and lessons on how to use them so perhaps this will work for you.

Thanks. I actually plan to start an Artstation page soon, so we'll probably make some of my artwork available as prints.

r/drawing • comment
1 points • Ubizwa

If you are looking for a cheap course (as opposed to free) with an instructor I could recommend two courses on Udemy: (buy it when it's around $20)

And if you are interested in manga and anime this one: (buy it when it's around $12)

I am learning a lot in the anime course about how to draw characters in proportion and perspective, she also has a realistic portrait drawing course which is about the same price and the instructors actively comments on assignments and exercises and practice which you send her (the instructors is an advantage over free YouTube videos).

If you are new to Udemy you should be able to buy the courses for around these prices. Otherwise if you are looking for free without an instructor CTRL+Paint is probably good, but it didn't work for me personally because you don't get feedback like on Udemy and the way how it's structured, but perhaps it works for you.

Also look at Draw a Box.

r/conversas • comment
1 points • lazulikestars

atualmente tô fazendo esse e esse no início da quarentena fiz um da faber castell que estava sendo ofertado gratuitamente, mas agora acho que também é pago): uma dica de conteúdo gratuito que me ajuda bastante são speed arts no youtube, tiktok. tem aulas de anatomia, valores, pintura etc por lá que são bem legais

r/learnart • comment
1 points • Venatrix39

Skillshare is currently offering two-months free trial which is very helpful. I've found these in particular to be very helpful: [here](, [here](, [this series of videos]( On YouTube, [this video by Proko]( was very helpful. I've also been following [this Udemy course]( Udemy courses go on sale at least once a week for about $10. [Ethan Becker]( on YouTube is also great (sorta like a Gordon Ramsay for art). At the start, I tried to overcomlicate things by trying to use all these different brushes, but I've found that the simple round brush is very useful (which I used for bottom row of portraits).