JavaScript & LeetCode | The Interview Bootcamp

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Udemy course from Alexander Wu.

Learn *all* the best practical tricks/techniques to solve those pesky interview problems so you can land that dream job

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Taught by
Kevin Nguyen

Offered by
Alexander Wu

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r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • AlternativeFix3

If you're planning to get a job as a web developer one day, then you're going to have to pass the coding interview.

Personally I've found this course to be pretty helpful. It's mainly geared towards newbies and the instructor explains things pretty clearly.

Caveat: it's the lowest rung in a 3-tier course, but I have to admit that at 9.99 it's still a steal.

r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • strumpy_strudel

I've been preparing for interviews using the following sources:

  1. Cracking the Coding Interview
  2. The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures
  3. JavaScript & LeetCode | The Ultimate Interview Bootcamp

I want to start tackling a handful of random challenges everyday to prepare.

One thought was to take the problems from these sources and put them in a random number generator. One benefit to this is I could refer to the explanations if I get stuck. Seems like I'm just remembering solutions to a specific set of problems though.

From what i understand LeetCode seems to be the go to for coding challenges these days. When I started becoming a self taught dev, HackerRank was the go too. Is that correct that LeetCode is the go to these days?

At any rate, self taught and my first position of three years kind of fell into my lap and I grew into it. It has been mutually beneficial: I got to learn a lot and grow into the role, while automating most of the company's processes making them exponentially more efficient than they were. But, I feel my growth is stunted by not working on a dev team. My ultimate goal is to work remotely \~100%, which is next to impossible if you haven't worked on a team before, as I understand it. Thus, getting prepared for my first real interviews.