Useful Excel for Beginners

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Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel and become an effective user

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Dinesh Natarajan Mohan

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130 points • PedroHFreire
Free Online Certified Courses

Hi guys, i've been wandering in this sub for free online courses that could help me with my problem but have not yet found a full solution. I am a Vice-president at the finance club in my university and we are looking for courses that cover these topics:


- Absolute beginner (Fundamentals, formatting, basic formulas, visualization);
- Intermediate/Advanced (Conditional formatting, tables, advanced formulas, text functions, array formulas);
- Power Queries;
- Introductory VBA.


We need this because we have students with varying backgrounds, from freshman to senior students, students from social studies, engineering, mathematics etc. As we do not have any pre-requirements we need to train these students and be sure that they are above a certain threshold level, this level requires finance knowledge (we already solved this) and the excel knowledge listed above (hoping to solve this here). Things we need to consider:

- We need to have a way to confirm that the students completed the courses;
- We have no money (Brazilian public college);
- The track needs to be auto-sufficient (with no pre-requisites as stated).

So far i have looked at:

- Absolute beginner:

- Power Query



But i have only done the edx ones (long time ago) , which i like. So i want to know:
- Recommendations for the advanced excel part (or for any other one).
- Any inputs on the track?;
- Any feedback on the individual courses?.

Reddit and english noob here so sorry for any mistakes in that matter and Thanks in advance guys!